Customisation Options

  • Boxes and Packaging

    We can create bespoke packaging for minimums of 250pcs, using card and polypropylene.

  • Special Linings

    We can custom make linings with logos if required.

  • Zip Pullers

    We offer a service, for custom made zip pulls, on any article with a minimum quantity of 500pcs

  • Ring Mechanisms

    We can custom build any product to take any size of 2 or 4 ring mechanism

  • Contrast Stitching

    If required we can make any of our products using colour contrast thread.

  • Embroidery

    We are able to embroider logos as an alternative means of branding, on a made to order basis

  • Metal Badges

    All our products can be branded prior to assembly, by rivetted on metal badges. These are custom made, and require a minimum of 500pcs.

  • Micro Moulded Badges

    We produce tailor made badges for decoration, which are sewn on prior to product assembly as a made to order option.

  • Corners

    Most of our products can be supplied with a range of metal corners fitted if required

  • Screen Print

    We can print to Pantone, but please note that printing bright colours on dark backgrounds will dull the ink to some degree.

  • Embossing

    Blind embossing is a permanent and classical way of branding leather products in particular, but is best seen on belluno PU where it creates a colour change effect as shown above.

  • Foil Blocking

    Available in gold or silver, with the maximum emboss size at 120 x 90mm per emboss. Please note the logo's lay flat - they are not embossed.

  • Flow Moulding

    This process provides a unique solution to complex and bespoke branding/design.

  • 4 Colour Digital Logos

    For complicated 2+ colour, and logos with tints, where registration with conventional screen printing is impossible, we recommend our new 4 col digital print system.

  • 4 Colour Digital Photography

    Also new is our ability to do digitally print photographs, from jpeg, direct to our products.

  • Resin Domed Labels

    This method can be a convenient solution to 4 colour process logos, or simply as an attractive and different branding solution. We pre emboss a cavity the same size as the labels to provide greater protection for the labels that are glued in. We can supply these labels or receive them from our clients for application only.

  • Engraving

    Where our products contain metal we can organise engraving.

We can uniquely print four colour process logo's and full photographic images on to stitched articles.

Ideal for

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Campaign messages
  • Brand launches
  • Complex full colour logos

Our Process

  • Digital images can be incorporated in a Vogue range.
  • Repeat pattern can be produced on material rolls for large quantities.
  • Four colour process can be used on a any product subject to minimums in an number of ways.